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Nathan Beard, Tim Bučković, Arini Byng, Lara Chamas, Matilda Davis, Matthew Harris, Sylvan Lionni, and Tama Sharman

8 Easey Pieces, Again!

“These tomatoes are reproduced synthetically, with only the memories of the sweet flavor from the original. If we keep repeating the process, this fruit will eventually become the real thing.” – Gordon Rosewater

Eight Easey Pieces explores how desire functions in a world that is exponentially filled with highly repetitive technical drives. We assumed this leftover labyrinthine space with the intentions of a vandal and a celebrant.

As the philosopher Bernard Stiegler points out, "new technologies have brought about a fall in desire – or the life affirming aspect of our libido – that corresponds to a reorganization of our energy into purely 'mechanic' drives."

Starting with a physical space, we’ve endeavored to reclaim the architecture with tactile and material interventions. We have reconciled the literal with the virtual. The image of a space plastered onto itself allows viewing in an inverse way, looking in from the inside; a broken stereopticon that has an echo. The overlapping views of an unfamiliar space is once again reconfigured in Eight Easey Pieces, Again!

The works in this exhibition use repetition to reclaim desire and cultivate consideration. It is work that is systematic in its approach, but in opening to desire and intuition, results in a lopsided system that doesn't simply repeat ad infinitum.