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Andrew Browne / Augusta Vinall Richardson

Factory Finish

FUTURES is delighted to present Factory Finish, an exhibition that pairs new paintings by Andrew Browne with recent sculpture by Augusta Vinall Richardson, for which opening celebrations will occur in Melbourne on Sat 2 April 3–6pm as the earth tilts and the temperature drops.

Andrew’s painstakingly crafted work paints out the oblique and elevates the banal, turning a seeming exercise in post-minimalism into something more alchemical yet expressive. A little sublime perhaps, with swathes of paint and fortuitous dripping married through circuitous means to faux photorealism. In canvases that appear vandalized in some tendentious manner, a silky hue of silver is betrayed by smudges of enlivened tone, appearing reflected onto the picture plane whilst an integral part of it.

Augusta’s process begins, like most artists do, with automatic drawing. Deft sketches of angular cubic ensembles are produced reworked then refined as architectonic illustrations, and from here, her commanding and puzzle-like sculptures emerge. Dependent on natural forces and brutal materiality, they are held up, propped, hung or suspended in real space. Her arrangements at times recall the grid, which naturally underpins our built urban and social spaces.

God only knows how to anticipate the result of this death match, but what’s certain pigment will be slung and metal shall be wielded. Come one, come all and witness for yourself the battle of the cattle.

Andrew Browne appears courtesy of Tolarno Galleries