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Ella Sutherland

Speaker of the House

Liquid Architecture event Thursday 3rd November, 7-9pm. Details HERE.

Press Release

FUTURES is pleased to present Speaker of the House, Ella Sutherland's first solo presentation
with the gallery.

For this exhibition, Ella has created a suite of robust and lively paintings in the tradition of
hard-edge abstraction which think through formal and informal politics.

Ella considers politics in an abstract manner, focussing on the systems by which decisions are recorded, collated and archived. Through this process, two characters emerge: the speaker and the voter. The design of paper ballots and parliamentary architecture is used by the artist as compositional devices which is interrupted with 'bad' data, shapes, numbers and forms; elements that relate to the more volatile participants active within this system.

Ella's work speaks to artistic traditions such as post-painterly abstraction, yet the works also
contain the clear and unmistakable use of type as compositional scaffolding. Her use of
typography flits between the literal means of communication, characters in themselves, and
abstract ideas. This use of language and graphic form creates an immediacy of viewing – a direct route to the retina – which is then complicated by layering as a compositional constraint. This process is reflective of graphic design and typography while also referencing a screen culture where information is structured through graphical formats in a never-ending flow.


Ella Sutherland appears courtesy of Sumer, New Zealand