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Matilda Davis

Melbourne Art Fair

FUTURES is excited to announce participation in the Melbourne Art Fair, where we will present new paintings by Matilda Davis within a booth adorned with domestic opulence.

In her first series of large-scale works, Matilda takes cues from old master paintings to create scenes that collide ritual, science, fantasy, religion, and the feminine. Mise en scenes are painstakingly rendered and placed in fantastical landscapes that pulse with connection to the universe and the self. In what could be read as an episodic narrative in four parts, these paintings are vivid and mysterious, positing that there is more to existence than meets the eye.

"Matilda Davis has scaled up her practice, creating otherworldly, mystical, detailed paintings at FUTURES Gallery. There’s only four of them, but they’re gilled with allegory, symbolism, metaphor, alongside a punk-like spirit—they’re complicated paintings that don’t feel weighed by preciousness. And you have to see the frames: fluffy, velvet, cloud-like trimmings that have been hand-stitched by the artist."
Art Guide Australia