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Alice Ramsden


Opening celebration: Sat 6 April, 4-6pm. Email info@futuresgallery.com.au for a catalogue.

FUTURES is charmed to present a solo exhibition by Alice Ramsden entitled Murmurations, her first show with the gallery.

Enamoured by the process of painting itself, these abstract works contain transitional realms of flux and bewildering time, with the deceptive appearance of containing their own light source. Alice’s process is one of cyclic layering and effacement. Muted yet potent hues, gestures, and marks accumulate and then dissipate across the canvas’s surface. Rather than a coherent vision, they are predicated on the act of concealment, informed by fleeting concepts, moments of uncertainty, self-awareness, and the act of undoing.

The cadence of nature and its phenomena provides a soft backdrop to the conception and viewing of these works. Shapeshifting murmurations (an enormous flock of birds that swirl and swoop) have a similar mesmeric rhythm that lulls rather than reveals truth. Similarly, painting and seeing involve both the eye and the body together, which sometimes wander in opposite directions, creating a state of restlessness.

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