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Sam Martin


Opening celebration: Saturday 15th June, 4-6pm
Email info@futuresgallery.com.au for a catalogue.

FUTURES is thrilled to present Part:, the first solo exhibition by Sam Martin at the gallery.

In this series of new works, formal clarity is upended for an abstract myth space, condensed with optical play and resplendent symphonies of colour. Craft is reinterpreted within the discipline of painting, as each work is cultivated and propagated through embroidering, painting, dissecting, and reimagining.

Martin begins his making process without a set end-game but with the desire to create intense depth within two-dimensional confinement. Thread and paint accumulate and evolve, with one informing the other in a build-up of symbiosis and an exercise between spontaneity and control. The resulting picture planes contain multiple entry points and passages leading to spaces of mimicry and an effect of bedazzlement. Compulsive labour is an inherent part of their creation, and layers appear as a document of time stacked.