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Sam Lieblich

PHRASER: Test Dream

Opening: Friday 4 March 6-9pm.

FUTURES is thrilled to present Sam Lieblich’s ambitious multi-part project PHRASER to be held at the gallery in two iterations. We leave the world of painting and head into technological territory – the Internet – the space of entertainment, enrichment, propaganda and hellscapery that makes up our existence now.

The work consists of a meta-algorithm, a fusion of rules and connections trained by texts produced in workshops run by the artist. Attendees spoke to, with, and through the algorithms woven through their lives, like lovers, collaborators, masters, and workers; the words they produced were used to train an AI that now seems to reflect our communal inner monologue a little too perfectly. This AI entity spits out a stream of strange words and dreams in a fluttering of discordant images.

The project begins with PHRASER: Test Dream. For this iteration Sam has handpicked 20 moving image segments from PHRASER, each of which is scored by a different musician. The algorithm’s creativity is merged with the human’s! These will be minted as NFTs and are available to view and purchase via QR code in the gallery. Visitors and buyers will be directed to calculate and offset their carbon footprint by gathering and planting seeds that will be available at the gallery.

MUSICIANS: Alexander Powers, Andrew Pekler, Cassius select, Dania Shihab, Daniel Jenatsch, DJ Plead, Harvey Sutherland, Hellcat, Jannah Quill, Kane Ikin, Luccrecia Quintanilla, Peter Knight, Roslyn Orlando, Sam Desouza, Sam Lieblich, Samuel Pankhurst, Setwun, T Morimoto, YL Hooi, Yvette Ofa Agapow.


Non-Fungible Tokens is a participatory performance conducted by the artist which is as unique as a non-fungible token.

Bring in a personal story as singular and strange (non-fungible) as possible. In a one-on-one 10 minute session with the artist you will be guided to explore truths from your past that can never be repeated, in a never to be repeated experience. You will receive an object as a product of your experience to take home. Tokenise and monetise your subjectivity for capital gains. Never be dissolved in the other. Never be just one of them all. Book your spot HERE.

Creative producer: Anita Spooner. Presented by FUTURES and Free Association
Supported by Coconut Studios.

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